Front End Services

I expertly designed and implemented cutting-edge UI/UX features, meticulously optimized for desktop and mobile browsers. My creative use of CSS animations significantly elevated the user experience. With my technical acumen, I refactored the external facing React application, leveraging React Hooks to enhance functionality. To bolster efficiency, I established a CI/CD deployment cycle for app deployment to Google Kubernetes Engine cluster.

Backend Services

Architected a resilient Flask API and Postgres database to seamlessly support frontend clients. I integrated Google Cloud Storage for dynamic, environment-based image storage, elevating the system's capabilities. In collaboration with program coordinators, I advanced administrative features and crafted intricate access privileges for students and teachers, enhancing the system's security and functionality.


I have a strong commitment to mentorship. I guided budding engineers in adopting best practices, system design and architecture, and personal project planning. I worked closely with apprentice-level engineers, facilitating their transition into the team. My role also extended to providing crucial support and constructive feedback to colleagues, helping them refine their technical skills. Explore more to learn about my multi-faceted contributions.