Members Site Team

Spearheaded the transformation of a member site, implementing innovative features and refining user interfaces, which resulted in a significant 10% improvement in service times. Through advanced techniques in client-side caching, I achieved an enhanced site performance, guaranteeing a seamless browsing experience across desktop and mobile devices. By creatively employing CSS and GSAP, I sculpted a luxurious digital journey for members, and my expertise in code refactoring transformed and modernized legacy components. Keen to stay at the forefront of technology, I ensured the use of the latest tools and methods to push the boundaries of user interaction. Discover more about how my work brought about impactful transformations.

Azure Migration Team

In a collaborative, cross-functional role, I successfully led the migration of all frontend services from Rackspace cloud services to the more robust Microsoft Azure. I implemented Kubernetes ConfigMaps in Azure Kubernetes Service, enhancing runtime environment variable utilization. Beyond this, I worked diligently to familiarize all frontend teams with the Azure CI/CD process, ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining the team's efficiency.


With my ability to manage complex projects, I coordinated with multiple teams to deliver concurrent features, sustaining momentum without compromising on quality. I curated comprehensive documentation encompassing a range of topics from infrastructure to library usage, facilitating seamless team operations. My responsibilities extended to onboarding new team members, fostering an inclusive and efficient work environment, and conducting coding round interviews to identify potential talent. Dive in to discover more about my dynamic role in enhancing team efficiency and productivity.